BLMGNF National Voter Registration Day + OMF Giveaway

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September 20th is National Voter Registration Day, so we are re-launching our voter registration website! Will you encourage an unregistered voter in your life to register to vote today? Every year, we hear, “there’s so much at stake this election!” But the fact of the matter is this: Getting Trump out of office was not the end-all-be-all. That was just the beginning…because the stakes have only gotten higher since then…

Response from BLMGNF’s Lawyer to Melina Abdullah and BLM Grassroots Lawsuit

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The allegation in the September 1, 2022 complaint filed by Melina Abdullah and BLM Grassroots that Shalomyah Bowers and Bowers Consulting Firm siphoned more than $10 million of donors’ money from Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is completely false. Either Melina Abdullah and BLM Grassroots blatantly and intentionally lied with this allegation in order to garner salacious news headlines, or they simply failed to do their due diligence before making such a wild and unfounded accusation. Either is simply unacceptable…

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation Board of Directors’ Response Statement to Melina Abdullah and BLM Grassroots’ Press Conference

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We should be focused on the work — the work of liberation and Black joy. Instead, we face, yet again, another round of struggle for “control” of one organization. This time, by people who say they love Black people and center abolitionist values but whose actions are furthest from our principles of courageous conversations, reconciliation, and finding pathways for peace and understanding…

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