Statement on the Death of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Rest in Power Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Today, we honor a trailblazing icon in the fight for gender equality and justice. Our hearts mourn the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a catalyst for change in the fight for voting rights and equal protections under the law for so many often neglected in today’s society. We stand on the accomplishments of her life’s work that have continued to amplify the need to protect and expand equal rights for women and underserved communities.

Statement by Patrisse Cullors, Executive Director, Black Lives Matter Global Network in Response to Pat Robertson’s Comments on the Black Lives Matter Movement

Black Lives Matter Logo

In response to the outlandish comments made by televangelist Pat Robertson, we are here yet again being attacked for standing up against white supremacy. To insinuate that our movement is trying to destroy Christianity is disgraceful and outright offends our Christian siblings who are a part of our movement against racial injustice. The statements made by Pat Robertson are completely inflammatory and dangerous.

Seven Years of Growth: BLM’s Co-Founder and Incoming Executive Director Reflects on the Movement

BLM Protest Signs Graphic

The number seven holds power. Many of us have heard the adage that the cells of our body are renewed and replaced every seven years. The reality is a little more complex. Some of our cells are replaced rapidly, others emerge in a crisis only to disappear, while others, like those that form our DNA, endure for our lifetime. But the average age of our cells is seven. As Black Lives Matter celebrates its seventh anniversary, I’m energized by the significance the natural world has vested in the number seven.

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