Research & Education - Black Lives Matter

Our Work

Research & Education

We are investing in forward-thinking research developing abolitionist frameworks and curriculum around Black history, identity, and Black futures.

It’s not enough for us to just survive. We’re investing in Black communities and Black people to create a world where we can truly thrive. Aaron’s story is exactly why we created the Student Solidarity Fund. The funds he received paid for several months of loan repayment and relieved some of the financial burdens that come with student loan debt.

Our Other Work


We are intervening on existing and new policies that reimagine a world without punitive measures and create a world where Black people have all that we need: food, education, housing, health care, clean water, breathable air, and everything that is foundational to personal and community safety.

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We are concentrating on the nexus of art and activism in pursuit of Black liberation and the preservation and protection of Black creativity.

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