Our Grantees - Black Lives Matter

Since 2020, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has given over $30 million to 70 unique organizations, and given over $1.5 million individual microgrants and scholarships via our Student Solidarity Fund and pandemic-era Survival Fund. Below, learn more about the fantastic Black-led organizations we’ve partnered with.

Get more information on the student solidarity fund and the survival fund.

2023-2024 Grantees

Oakland and the World Enterprises

Founded by Elaine Brown, former Chairman of the Black Panther Party, the mission of OAW is to launch and sustain for-profit businesses for cooperative ownership by formerly incarcerated and other socio economically marginalized people. To realize its Mission of developing cooperatively-owned businesses, OAW acquired a license from the City of Oakland to develop a 32,000 square-foot, three-quarter acre City-owned property in West Oakland, California, on the corner of 7th and Campbell Streets, a lot that had been left abandoned and blighted and vacant by the City for over 30 years. The development is aptly named The Black Panther.

Chip in now to split a donation between Black Lives Matter and Oakland and the World Enterprises to invest in the Black Panther building and help us fund other critical Black liberation initiatives.

2022-2023 Grantees

Love Not Blood

The Love Not Blood Campaign (LNBC) is a grassroots social justice organization that was founded in 2014 by the family members of Oscar Grant. At the core of their work, they believe that those directly impacted by police violence should be central to the movement to free our communities from police and state-sanctioned violence. LNBC is dedicated to creating a racially just society free from police violence, community violence, and institutional racism.

Please visit The Love Not Blood Campaign’s website to learn more about its impactful grassroots work and make a donation.

WACO Theater Center

Where there is art, there is life! We are thrilled to introduce one of our BLM grantees, “Where Art Can Occur Theater Center” (WACO) is a dynamic force in African Diaspora arts that was established in 2017 and was founded with a genuine belief in the power of creativity, collaboration, and community. WACO is dedicated to empowering and uplifting Black artists and youth in LA through captivating performances and visual arts. WACO shines as a beacon of cultural empowerment that boldly moves to shape the present and future by celebrating Black art and culture and fostering young artists to embrace the Ubuntu philosophy of “I am because we are.”

For an in-depth exploration of all that WACO Theater Center has to offer, please visit their website!

UpTogether → Family Independence Initiative (Student Survival Fund)

We are delighted to present one of our BLM grant recipients, UpTogether, formerly known as the Family Independence Initiative! UpTogether was founded in 2001 in Oakland, California, to address the shortcomings of the U.S. social services system. Inspired by his mother’s experience as a hardworking immigrant, their founder established UpTogether to invest in families’ initiative, empowering them to achieve economic and social mobility through access to resources and community support. UpTogether’s membership is primarily from BIPOC communities. UpTogether is committed to racial equity and anti-racist policies, seeks to amplify the voices of historically undervalued communities, and strives to influence policies and create systems change.

To learn more about UpTogether, please check out their website!

Higher Heights Home Care

The Kings Rising program by Higher Heights Home Care, Inc. is dedicated to empowering and uplifting Black boys and men through education, mentorship, athletics, and advocacy. This transformative initiative focuses on advancing the liberation and well-being of young Black men by promoting self-empowerment and mass mobilization.

Kings Rising aims to create a brighter future for our communities by investing in “Black Futures,” fostering environments where joy, safety, and boundless possibilities are the norm. Join us in supporting this vital program and making a lasting impact in the lives of our young kings.

Please visit Higher Heights Home Care, Inc.’s website for more information about its impactful programs, like Kings Rising.

The Trayvon Martin Foundation

Founded by Sabrina Fulton, Tracy Martin, and their son Jahvaris Martin have transformed their pain into purpose through the creation of the Trayvon Martin Foundation. Since its creation, the Trayvon Martin Foundation has tirelessly advocated for an end to senseless gun violence by leading conversations and sharing its journey. In doing so, they’ve empowered individuals to become agents of social transformation, ensuring that Trayvon’s legacy becomes a beacon of hope for a brighter, more just future.

To learn more about The Trayvon Martin Foundation, please visit their website!

Voice Buffalo

Voice Buffalo is a transformative grassroots interfaith nonprofit dedicated to community organizing and leadership development. They are rooted in the principles of restorative justice and powered by relationships; Voice Buffalo prioritizes creating inclusive ecosystems where everyone can thrive.

Since their founding in 1996, they’ve experienced a metamorphosis from an organization led by affluent cis-white men to a Black-led organization that embraces diverse identities, communities, and faiths. They seek to build a beloved community that staunchly eradicates social inequities, promotes a fair and unbiased justice system, ensures economic opportunities, and provides accessible public services.

To learn more about the transformative work that Voice Buffalo brings to life please visit their website!

Hollywood Cares

Founded in 2022 by Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, Hollywood Cares leverages the vibrant influence of pop culture to support underserved youth, particularly in Black and Brown communities. Their programming empowers young individuals through leadership development, civic engagement, personal growth, and fostering social and emotional intelligence. Hollywood Cares prepares youth for life’s complex challenges and the power garnered through mentorship and community-building. Please join us in showing love and solidarity to Hollywood Cares!

For more information about Hollywood Cares, please visit their website!


IAMSAC is one of our BLM grantees dedicated to social, transformative, and restorative justice. Our flagship project, “Stephon’s House,” aims to be a beacon of hope and empowerment in underserved communities. This recreational museum library center is dedicated to celebrating the life and legacy of Stephon Clark while providing vital resources and programs.

Programs at Stephon’s House include: Health and Wellness: Gardening, sports, and holistic healing programs. Trade and Industrial Training: Building community sustainability through practical skills. STEAM Education: Promoting intellectual independence and innovation. Our initiatives include bridging the gap between law enforcement and at-risk communities, informing and educating on policy and legislative changes, providing essential resources and healing spaces, and commemorating Stephon Clark’s legacy.

For more information about IAMSAC and Stephon’s House, please visit their website!

Black Co-Networks for Peace and Justice (Global Exchange)

The People’s Movement for Peace and Justice (PMPJ) is a formidable alliance at the heart of peace and justice activism along the U.S./Mexico border. They are a diverse coalition that centers on Black people, Indigenous peoples, migrants, survivors of gun violence, and human rights defenders, all in the pursuit of addressing the complex web of violence, inequality, and human rights abuses in the region. PMPJ challenges long-standing impunity and strives for impactful policy change by harnessing the power of civic engagement and collective voice. Please check out this incredible organization and help us spotlight their fantastic work and the lives they change!

Please visit The People’s Movement for Peace and Justice’s website to find out more about its impactful work!

2021-2022 Grantees

Healing Justice

St. Elmo’s Village

In 2013, St. Elmo’s Village became the birthplace of the Black Lives Matter movement. Transformed in 1969 by Roderick Sykes, what started out as a neglected junkyard has now become a communal space built on self-expression, self-respect, and cultural pride in Mid-City Los Angeles. The first meeting among activists that would catapult us into a global movement was held at St. Elmo’s Village, and it continues to serve as a cultural, visionary community hub in Los Angeles.

Frontline Organizing

Anti-Police Terror Project

The Anti-Police Terror Project is a Black-led, multi-racial, intergenerational coalition based out of Oakland that seeks to build a replicable and sustainable model to eradicate police terror in communities of color. They support families surviving police terror in their fight for justice and lead local public education campaigns around defunding the Oakland Police Department to reinvest those funds back into the community.

Our collective mission of Black liberation is one that will take several iterations; through this partnership and others like it, BLMGNF continues to invest in these different models toward abolition and liberation.

Chosen For Change

Founded by Michael Brown Sr. – father of Michael Brown Jr. – and his wife, Cal Brown, Chosen for Change Foundation provides holistic grief counseling and support to families who have experienced loss. Supported by our partnership, Chosen for Change has created and led support groups and healing circles and brought trained responders to support their community in their healing processes.

Tamir Rice Foundation

The Tamir Rice Foundation invests in local children’s growth and enrichment through after-school arts and culture programs. Its focus on the arts stems from Tamir’s love of art. Our partnership helped sustain the Afro-Centric Cultural Center–based in the predominantly Black neighborhood of St. Clair, Cleveland–which hosts music lessons, expressive art sessions, tutoring, mentoring, pan-African history sessions, and nutrition classes for the community. They also host summer programming in an effort to keep the community’s youth safe, engaged, and enriched.

Center for Third World Organizing

The Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO) is a racial justice organization dedicated to building a social justice movement led by people of color. It was established in 1980 as a training and resource center that promotes and sustains direct action organizing in communities of color throughout the United States.

Our partnership with CTWO supported their PRAXIS Cohort Fellowship, which aimed to support its participants in developing liberatory leaders to create organizations that move us closer to liberation. This fellowship was run in partnership with the Liberatory Leadership Project, which supports Black-led organizations that are in the founding stages (years 0-5) of a new organization or project.

Research & Education

HBCU Pa’lante

During LatinX Heritage Month, we partnered with HBCU Pa’lante, which works to connect diverse African Diaspora youth to HBCUs, highlighting the often overlooked contributions of AfroLatinX individuals within the African Diaspora in history. This collaboration sought to acknowledge the historical erasure of AfroLatinX voices by bringing them to the forefront.

Our programming culminated in a live discussion across industries and perspectives to hone in on the intersectionality of the African Diaspora and Latinx communities in the U.S. The partnership aligned with the growing need for increased access to higher education, especially for ethnically diverse Black students, by focusing on tailored recruitment strategies, ongoing support, and utilizing federal and state funding to strengthen initiatives aimed at student recruitment and retention within HBCUs.

2020-2021 Grantees

Frontline Organizing

Bold Women’s Leadership Network

The BOLD Women’s Leadership Network (BWLN) is a pioneering program cultivating courageous leadership in young women during their college years and beyond. BOLD focuses on facilitating women’s career development and networking opportunities through scholarship funding, programming, and post-graduation fellowships. Ultimately, the program will empower young college women to become leaders in their lives and careers after college.

Their grant supported their general operations, which allowed them to build additional organizational capacity and provide more services and opportunities to their alumni base; through hiring more staff, building stronger internal infrastructure, and offering more individual coaching and additional courses. Overall, the funds enabled BWLN to better support the leadership development of Black-led organizations and movements committed to building inclusive Black Power in their community.


Chicago Future Fund

The Chicago Future Fund provides an innovative solution to economic inequality and recidivism by providing a guaranteed income of 500 USD per month for 18 months to 30 Black previously incarcerated individuals in West Garfield Park. The organization hypothesizes that a guaranteed income will reduce income volatility, lessen psychological stress, improve physical functioning, and ultimately decrease recidivism. This study will support their Drug War reparations campaign by defining the impact of direct cash payments to survivors of the War on Drugs.

The Big Payback

The Big Payback is a campaign rooted in their elected officials’ commitment to providing reparations to survivors of the war on drugs, through recreational cannabis legalization in IL. The Big Payback demands that our elected officials acknowledge the gross violation of human rights that occurred during the War on Drugs, restore those survivors, compensate those survivors, rehabilitate those survivors, and guarantee the harm won’t reoccur by reviewing and reforming the laws that created the crisis in the first place.

Partnership For The Advancement Of New Americans

Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans’ (PANA) mission is to fight to advance the full economic, social & civic inclusion of refugees from the multitude of Black, African, and Afro-Caribbean experiences in the San Diego region, throughout California, and across the country.

The BLMGNF grant supported the organization’s increased infrastructure and capacity to manage their Refugee Families Emergency Fund. COVID-19 presented tremendous challenges for already struggling refugee families, and in collaboration with partners they were able to provide one-time grants to cover rent, utilities, child care, food, and other emergency needs. PANA is actively working with Black-led and refugee-led organizations to provide rapid response emergency support to individuals in the community who they identify as needing immediate assistance.

The Transgender District

Founded by three Black trans women in 2017 as Compton’s Transgender Cultural District, The Transgender District is the first legally recognized transgender district in the world. The org aims to create an urban environment that celebrates the transgender tipping point in the United States and the world, while educating the world of the deep profundity of transgender culture and our contributions to the liberation of humankind.

The Transgender District has been able to utilize BLMGNF funds to sustain the organization’s infrastructure staffing and provide professional development for an organization led by Black transgender people. In addition, the project has been expanding into public policy advocacy, has launched a housing initiative, and successfully graduated a cohort of Black transgender aspiring entrepreneurs and supported them in launching their businesses. The fund has also subsidized the costs of strategic planning and staff professional development.


Brooklyn Boihood

Brooklyn Boihood’s mission is to create spaces where Black, brown queer, and trans bois* and our communities can cultivate stories, dreams, and creative work.

So far, Brooklyn Boihood has utilized its funding to invest in its organizational infrastructure and operating mechanisms to build and improve on the organization’s capacity and impact.

House Of Pentacles

House of Pentacles (HOP) is a Film Training Program and Production House designed to launch Black trans youth (ages 18-35) into the film industry and tell stories woven at the intersection of being Black and Trans.

House of Pentacles primarily used these funds for infrastructure and capacity building and to support their community through the pandemic. They were able to start their first full-time staff position with these funds. The remainder of the funds contributed to their Winter 2020 redistribution of over $54,000 in paid art contracts to new and emerging Black Trans artists and over $29,000 in public mutual aid directly in the hands of Black Trans people. In addition, they were able to use these funds to resource the gathering of Black Trans communities in the South through our Black Trans Holy Room Program, which gathered BTGNCI* people struggling with mental wellness during the pandemic.

Healing Justice

Oscar Grant Foundation

The foundation was established in 2010 after a jury found former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle guilty of the shooting of Oscar Grant. While Wanda Johnson, Oscar’s mother, and her family continue to fight for justice for Oscar, the foundation exists to help mend the distrust between residents in predominantly Black, high-crime communities and law enforcement.

Trayvon Martin Foundation

Sybrina and Tracy, along with their son Jahvaris, created the Trayvon Martin Foundation out of a need to bring awareness to ending senseless gun violence. By sharing their personal and powerful stories, they have encouraged diverse audiences—from college students and faculty and legal professionals to community and family organizations—to become more educated on ways to keep their loved ones safe and to empower themselves to become catalysts for social change.

Michael Brown We Love Our Sons And Daughters Foundation

As catalysts for multi-sector systemic change, We Love Our Sons & Daughters Foundation focuses on building capacity at the intersection of 4 core outcome components: Advocating for Justice, Improving Health via preventable chronic disease, Advancing Education, and Strengthening Family.

House Of GG/ Griffin-Gracy Educational Retreat & Historical Center

House of GG was founded and led by Trans and gender non-conforming people and allies to create safe and transformative spaces where members of our community can heal – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – from the trauma arising from generations of transphobia, racism, sexism, poverty, ableism, and violence, and nurture them into tomorrow’s leaders. The organization primarily focuses on supporting and nurturing the leadership of Transgender women of color living in the U.S. South.

Although the House of GG was unable to host their in-person retreats as a consequence of COVID-19, the organization regranted $100,000 of the $200,000 they received to fund COVID emergency housing for Black trans women, Hurricane Ida mutual aid and general operating expenses. They plan to use the remaining $100,000 to fund future retreats.