Expand Postal Banking

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With federal desegregation in the early 1920s, the postal service became one of the first and largest opportunities for Black people to become a part of the middle class. Today, nearly 50% of postal workers are Black and brown folks. For the everyday Black worker, the postal service has represented the dignified, stable employment they deserve and are often refused elsewhere…

Healing Justice Webinar

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Watch “Healing Justice, Embodiment, Praxis, and Building Black Futures,” a conversation grounded in sacred practice, Black traditions, and radical freedom. What is healing justice and why is it important? What are the obstacles folks encounter? What is the future of Black healing?…

Latinx Heritage Month Is Coming to a Close

1968 Mexico Olympic Games Protest Photo

Today marks the final email of our 4-part email series to commemorate Latinx Heritage Month. In honor of the month, we joined forces with @HBCUPalante to bring a wide-ranging look at the African Diaspora — honing in on intersectionality, specifically those of Latinx descent…

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