“We Keep Us Safe” Community Call Video

Watch the #BlackLivesMatter “We Keep Us Safe” community call. Movement elders and BLM leaders (Patrisse Cullors and Melina Abdullah) share critical safety tips and resources to remember and utilize for the 2021 inauguration and after. We urge everyone to prepare a plan, stay safe, and look out for one another, always. #WeKeepUsSafe, and together, WE will end white supremacy.


  • 00:06-02:35: Opening Statement/BLM Demands (Patrisse Cullors)
  • 02:36-07:17: Call Overview/Speaker Introductions (Melina Abdullah)
  • 07:17-15:54: Holistic Healing Practices/Policing Alternatives (Trudy Goodwin/Mama Tru)
  • 15:55-16:56: Spirituality/Healing Justice (Melina Abdullah)
  • 16:57-23:22: Community Self-Defense (Dr. Akinyele Umoja/Baba AK)
  • 23:23-27:40: White Supremacist Violence (Melina Abdullah)
  • 27:41-35:21: Safety Tips for Organizers/Activists (Lumumba Bandele)
  • 35:22-40:01: SWAT Experience/Community Protection (Melina Abdullah)
  • 40:02-41:47: Safety Tips for Community Members (Lumumba Bandele)
  • 41:48-42:17: Intro to Cadres (Melina Abdullah)
  • 42:17-43:32: Community Relationships (Dr. Akinyele Umoja/Baba AK)
  • 43:33-48:27: Developing a Cadre (Dr. Akinyele Umoja/Baba AK)
  • 48:42-50:01: Final Words of Wisdom (Trudy Goodwin/Mama Tru)
  • 50:02-50:58: Struggle Is Beautiful/Joy (Melina Abdullah)
  • 50:58-51:27: Call To Action (Melina Abdullah)
  • 51:28-53:08: Potential Threats/Safety Plan (Melina Abdullah)
  • 53:08-53:30: Closing Statement (Melina Abdullah)
  • 53:40: RESOURCES