Coronavirus Prevention

Coronavirus: How to Stay Safe Graphic

As the coronavirus spread across the globe, the United States had two months to prepare — and our federal government squandered it. We were already at a disadvantage after the CDC rapid response taskforce was disbanded as a result of the 2017 Trump Tax Cut — and then Trump dug us further into a hole when he decided to follow his “hunches” about the seriousness of the situation instead of listening to the experts.

Never Forget Mike Brown

Photo of Mike Brown

Your murder sparked the conversation and the movement that will end police brutality in this country. We will never stop fighting for you and so many others. Rest in power.

Video: Centering Blacktivisim

After the 90th #Oscars, during which Andra Day and Common performed “Stand Up For Something” and centered activists and movements from across the world, the Black Lives Matter Global Network released this powerful new video about our Network,…

“When they call you a Terrorist” Book tour dates

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors & asha bandele’s book “When They Call You a Terrorist” comes out on January 16th! The book is currently available for pre-order here.¬† They have also announced their tour dates! Find a…