Congratulations Judge Jackson!

Two years ago, President Biden made a campaign promise to nominate the first Black woman to the Supreme Court. On Friday, he fulfilled the promise by naming Ketanji Brown Jackson as his nominee.

Judge Jackson currently sits on DC’s federal appellate court since being appointed by President Obama. Her extensive background exceeds qualifications, and proves that she is a woman of the people. She has served as a public defender, clerked for Justice Breyer, and was elevated to the DC circuit last year by President Biden.

This is huge — because this takes us on the road to finally ending the 230 years of Black women’s exclusion from the Supreme Court.

If nominating and confirming a Black woman to the Court was easy, it would have been done already. White supremacy never shies away, and because of that, this will be hard — but winning despite a system that is rigged against us is what we’ve always done.

Today, we’re beyond excited to congratulate Judge Jackson. Join us in celebrating her by signing the card today:


Since the Supreme Court convened in 1789, there have been 115 justices to sit on the bench. Of those, 108 have been white men. And for decades, we’ve been forced to face the consequences of the decisions made by a mostly all-white, male Supreme Court.

But here’s the reality: It’s been Black women who on countless occasions have shown up to save our democracy. Black women have been on the frontlines of organizing for voting rights, ending police violence, unionizing efforts and workers rights, and so much more in order to make our democracy stronger.

As the Court’s decisions this term have reminded us, the current majority is an existential threat to racial justice in America. We’ve seen them attack voting rights, laws designed to bring transparency to our elections, abortion, and more.

To top this off, we can expect the far-right to do everything they can to hold up this chance for us to right a long historic injustice. They will attempt to tear her down, call her radical, and do everything in their power to keep a Black woman off the Court — but guess what? They’ve got nothing to go against our people-power.

Let’s celebrate this moment — join us in congratulating Judge Jackson, and let her know we’ve got her back. Sign the congratulations card.

Congratulations Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Graphic