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August 21: #Black August Day of Black Power

Black August honors Black freedom fighters — past and present — many of whom were killed by the state or imprisoned for defending Black lives.

August 21st itself marks three key moments in Black history:

On August 21st, 1971, Comrade George Lester Jackson — co-founder of the Black Guerilla Family and author of Soledad Brothers and Blood In My Eye — led the San Quentin prison uprising, in which his life was sacrificed along with the lives of two other inmates.

August 21st, 1831, honored Ancestor Nat Turner was divinely inspired to initiate one of the most successful revolts of enslaved people in history.

August 21st, 1791 marks the start of the Haitian Revolution, when thousands of African people rose up to overthrow chattel slavery in Haiti and claim Black autonomy.

The significance of the month of August to all Black people runs deep.

For the last several years, Black Lives Matter has partnered with the Black August Resistance Collective to commemorate Black August.

Black August’s message of Black power, resistance, and activism is critical to our existence. We give thanks to our political prisoners and freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives and freedom for ours.

Black August is a time to STUDY, FAST, TRAIN and FIGHT. It’s a time to recommit and build a world that honors the legacy of our most righteous Ancestors, our people and the generations to come.

May the words below, penned by our Black August Resistance comrades, deepen our understanding and commitment to Black freedom.

Comrades in Righteous Struggle:

Black August Resistance Collective under the leadership of Black August Organizing Committee (BAOC) and its affiliate Black August Los Angeles (BALA), welcome the invitation from Black Lives Matter to share this space commemorating fallen comrades around the globe.

Entering our forty-second-year commemoration, which also marks the fifty-year brutal assassination of Comrade George Lester Jackson by California prison guards, we remain steadfast in our commitment to enhance political study; resolute in fasting and training, and, relentless in fighting for the liberation of Afrikan people.

We welcome the collaboration with Black Lives Matter in keeping this tradition and spirit of resistance alive. Either we win or we don’t lose.

Long live the indomitable spirits of W.L Nolen, George L. Jackson, Alvin Miller, Jeffrey “Joka Khatari” Gaulden, Jonathan P. Jackson, Adama Kambon, Cleveland Edwards, Mayimuna Makini, James McClain, Willie Moses “Musa Mata” Johnson, Fleeta Drumgo, William Christmas, Warren “Fela” Jordan, Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald, and the multitude of Afrikans both domestically and globally who have tragically been victims of systemic racism in amerikkka.

For more on Black August, please visit Black August Los Angeles and Black August Organizing Committee on Facebook and IG @BlackAugustLosAngeles. Sign and share the petitions to #FreeRuchellMagee, #FreeAbdulShakur, #BringSundiataHome, #FreeMumia, #FreeMutulu, and work to #FreeFatiYero, #FreeYafeuIyapo-I, #FreeMOVEmembers, #FreeHeshimaJinsal, and #HandsOffAssataShakur.

Freedom for all political prisoners and prisoners of a righteous war for liberation. Free Em All!

Black August Resistance Collective

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