#BlackWomenAreDivine Is Back!

We are more than magic. We are the sacred mamas, builders, teachers, and lovers of this world. We are the first to walk the earth and the vessel through which all of humanity was born. The Creator speaks and works through us as we constantly make ways out of no way.

When #BreonnaTaylor was murdered by police in Louisville in March 2020, it jarred us, sent us into deep mourning…and then rage. Rage that they didn’t see our beloved sister/daughter for her Divinity. Rage that they refused to value her humanity. Rage that in the theft of Breonna’s life, they stole a piece of all of us.

The Spirits of Wakiesha, and Redel, and Sandra, and Korryn, and Meagan, and Michelle, and Rekia, and all of the others rose up, surrounding Breonna and shouting loudly to those of us that remain: “Black women are Divine!” We are not what they try to make us. We are not mules. We are not expendable beings. We are Divine.

#BlackWomenAreDivine emerged as a celebration of the beauty and divinity of Black women. It is an affirmation of who we know ourselves to be and who we have always been. In October 2020, we held our first Black Women Are Divine weekend.

This time around, we are celebrating in March 2022 and want to uplift 20 Black Divine Women. Help us honor them by nominating a Black woman or femme. Your nominee can be someone known the world over, or someone known and beloved in your community or family.

We have the capacity to love and lift up 20 women, and we invite the world to join us in celebrating every single Black woman and femme.

Nominate your Black Divine Woman by completing the form and plug in to the work by following the hashtag #BlackWomenAreDivine on social media.

Nominate Your Black Divine Woman

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