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Sign the Petition: Amazon Cheated the Workers in AL

We told y’all back in April — when the Alabama Amazon Union vote results came back as a no to unionize — that our fight wasn’t over.

Amazon did everything in its power to prevent workers from unionizing with RWDSU — the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union — including interfering and intimidating workers from using their right to vote for a union by illegally installing mailboxes on the campus in Bessemer.

We know that by illegally coercing workers and manipulating the election results, Amazon was trying to silence the voices of the majority Black Amazon workers in Bessemer. But history has proved — we cannot, and will not, be defeated that easily.

The National Labor Relations Board has investigated Amazon’s illegal tactics throughout the election and their recommendation sided against Amazona final decision will be issued at a later time that could overturn the initial result and lead to a whole new election.

This fight is an important one — because workers’ rights are human rights, and it’s on us to call out disparities in the workplace when we see it. That’s why we’re jumping right back in where we left off.

We’re not backing down. Sign your name to pledge your support of the Bessemer, Alabama Amazon workers and their efforts to unionize.

Unionizing is one of the best ways workers can address racial inequities in the workplace and fight for other benefits like higher wages and better health care. Amazon has robbed its workers from this opportunity by intimidating them and manipulating the unionization election.

Amazon went to extreme measures like mandating workers attend anti-union meetings up to 2 to 3 times a week. They even went so far as to compel Jefferson County to change the traffic light signals outside the Bessemer warehouse to prevent the union from speaking to workers at red lights as they headed into work.

Amazon claims that “Black Lives Matter,” and had no problem slapping it across the top of their website last summer. But when it comes to their predominantly Black workers in Bessemer fighting for their rights as workers, it seems like Amazon flips the switch.

We refuse to watch Amazon treat its employees with disrespect. Join the movement continuing the fight for unionization in Bessemer, Alabama by adding your name to the pledge and reminding these workers that we’re with them every step of this fight.