Watch and Share the Black Women Are Divine Video

Two weeks ago, people around the globe came together to participate in #BlackWomenAreDivine weekend, a reclamation in the name of Breonna Taylor.

The vision for the weekend is a disruption of oppressions and imposed identities that turn Black women into mules. The assertion of our Divinity is a challenge to the violent white-supremacist-patriarchal-heteronormative-capitalism that stole Breonna’s life, along with the lives of so many of our Sisters.

By standing in our Divinity, we topple forces that steal life and dignity, and seek to invisibilize, erase, and relegate us to dehumanized sources of labor.

We are overwhelmed and deeply encouraged by the global response. Thousands of Black women and people who love Black women made their love real…from healing justice weekends, to virtual brunches, to physically-distanced celebrations, to meaningful gift-giving, to our social media takeover, #BlackWomenAreDivine weekend was one of the most uplifting and affirming events in recent memory.

We’ve made a video to celebrate the weekend and hope you’ll take a look and share it.

This weekend of reclamation stands as both a celebration and a reminder of how much work there is to do when it comes to protecting Black women, girls, and femmes around the world.

“In the weeks leading up to the election, Black women are expected once again to deliver victory for Democratic candidates. We have gone from being unable to vote legally to a highly courted voting bloc — all in little more than a century.”

Like Megan Thee Stallion tells us in her recent op-ed in The New York Times, Black women are far too often taken for granted. Our movement strives to bring an end to that dangerous notion of belittlement.

Together, we will spark an upbringing of a culture where Black women are given what they’ve long deserved. Empowerment. Protection. Love. Liberation. And why? Because Black women are Divine.

Watch and share our latest video dedicated to Black women — because #BlackWomenAreDivine.