“The Body: Grief, Lament, and Joy in COVID Times” Webinar

This webinar was recorded on Friday, November 5, 2021.

Join us as we continue our conversation grounded in sacred practice and deep love for Black people everywhere.

This month our center is “The Body: Grief, Lament, and Joy in COVID Times.”

Our healers examine loss, and the multiple ways we hold grief in our spirit and body. What are dimensions of grief? What are some ways in which grief is expressed and released through lament? And, we highlight healing practices that can support our grieving processes over time while we hold space for joy.


  • Karlene Griffiths Sekou: Embodied-healing practitioner, seer, pastoral counselor, and ritualist
  • Dé Bryant: Community psychologist, trauma care facilitator, teacher, and racial justice advocate
  • Melissa Alexis: Mindfulness facilitator, personal and organizational development coach, yogi
  • Estella Holeman: Spiritual practitioner, spirit awakening facilitator, body worker, and poet