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Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party

On October 24th, Black Lives Matter organizers and members of the BLM Youth Vanguard joined with Black Panther Party alumni, Black Power movement visionaries, leaders, artists, luminaries, residents, and freedom-loving people from around the globe for the unveiling of the Dr. Huey P. Newton Memorial Statue. This incredible bronze, lovingly commissioned by Dr. Newton’s wife, Fredrika Newton, masterfully crafted by the hands and heart of one of the most powerful artists of our time — Sister Dana King, stands at the corner of Huey P. Newton Way and Nelson Mandela Parkway in Oakland, California.

The unveiling was a testament to the brilliance, beauty, courage, dedication, and deep love for the people held by Brother Huey and which permeated throughout the movement. As the rain poured, a renewed commitment to justice struggle took root. Drums, song, poetry, words, and Spirit summoned us to vision and build the world that our people and future generations deserve.

Black Lives Matter is grateful for the tremendous legacy of the Black radical struggle that we inherit from Brother Huey and the continued work and guidance of members of the Black Panther Party. We are appreciative that we could help financially seed the memorial; we look forward to a continued partnership and invite all who are able to support the work of the Huey P. Newton Foundation.

In unity and struggle,

Melina Abdullah and Audrena Redmond
for Black Lives Matter

Amara, Amen, Jair, Kahlila, and Xochitl
for the Black Lives Matter Youth Vanguard

From Sister Fredrika Newton for the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation

55 years ago, the Black Panther Party took its first breath so we might be closer to our full liberation. We stand on these brave women and men’s shoulders in our fight for all Black and oppressed people.

On Sunday, October 24th, the City of Oakland, California, took its first steps to acknowledge this legacy, born within its walls, by celebrating the unveiling of the Dr. Huey P. Newton Memorial Statue. The celebration took place during an epic storm — and could not be held back.

We ask you to join in this celebration by sharing a bit of love and support today for the work of the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation — our partner organization, which inspires our work on a daily basis. Be a part of this truth-telling movement. Your contribution of $5, $10, $20, or whatever you can afford will go a long way to see that the fight continues.

Donate to the Huey P. Newton Foundation

Dr. Huey P. Newton was the co-founder, chief theoretician, and chairman of the Black Panther Party. A true servant of the people, he devised many of their “Survival Programs” such as Free Breakfast Program for school children and Free Medical Clinics. He also created the Ten-Point Program which outlined demands like full employment, decent housing, free health care, prison abolition, and an end to police brutality.

As Huey’s widow, for more than 25 years I have worked to preserve the truth and legacy of the Black Panther Party, its co-founder, its members, and those who committed themselves to Black Power era struggle through the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation.

The Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation is currently working with the National Park Service to create the first-ever National Park to commemorate the Black Power Era. They are publicizing the work of the Black Panther Party so others, like Black Lives Matter, find inspiration forward the legacy and be empowered in the struggle for Black freedom and liberation.

See clips of the unveiling of the Dr. Huey P. Newton bust and learn more about the Foundation and its work.

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