Statement From Black Lives Matter Global Network on Fraudulent Social Media Accounts

“Since its inception, the Black Lives Matter Global Network has regularly dealt with the misappropriation of our name and likeness, which has compromised the integrity of our local, national, and global work.

We live in a digital world, and it’s extremely important that platforms like Facebook and Twitter do their due diligence with users so that supporters of our movement, and movements like ours, aren’t misled and that resources aren’t misappropriated.

We regret that so many people were deceived by the recent high profile scam into believing that their gifts and donations benefited us.

For months after noting the fraudulent profiles, the Black Lives Matter Global Network and many of our allies reached out to both Twitter and Facebook to request the fake profiles be deactivated and taken down. Unfortunately, our requests received no adequate response and many supporters continued to be misled. We are relieved that the fraudulent profiles have ultimately been removed and hope that the social media platforms will soon adopt protocols to stop this from happening again.

The correct social media handles for the Black Lives Matter Global Network are:

Twitter: @blklivesmatter

Facebook: @BlackLivesMatter

Instagram: @blklivesmatter



To read the article published by CNN on the fraudulent account please check here.