Say Her Name: Mikayla Miller

Content Warning: Anti-Black violence and death

We’re reaching out to you today to let you know about the disturbing anti-Black violence that has plagued yet another one of our families in Boston.

Mikayla Miller was a queer, 16-year-old, Black girl who was found dead, hanging from a tree about a month ago (the morning of April 18th). Investigators are claiming she likely died by suicide — but evidence indicates that this is simply not the case.

But that’s not all — the night before she was found, Mikayla was jumped by 5 white teens who harassed her and prevented her from leaving the apartment complex they were in. There’s no police log of the initial assault call made by Mikayla’s mother nor is there a log of when they found Mikayla’s body.

Mikayla’s family is demanding an independent investigation be done as well as the immediate release of her autopsy. Up to now, Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan has been completely unresponsive.

Mikayla and her family deserve to be heard and they deserve answers. If we don’t raise our voices in solidarity with Mikayla’s family, it’ll be yet another case of one of our children’s tragedies being swept under the rug. Another case of white supremacy killing one of us and winning.

We can’t let them get away with this, fam. Can you take a minute to sign the petition demanding that D.A. Marian Ryan release the autopsy results and conduct an independent investigation into Mikayla’s death?


Despite the lack of transparency and accountability of the D.A.’s office, one thing remains the same: Mikayla’s life mattered.

If the roles were reversed, we’d see a very different outcome. If Mikayla were white, attacked by 5 Black teens the night before her body was found, arrests and charges would’ve been made immediately, and justice would be a top priority. The story would take over the national news and social media.

But because Mikayla was a young, queer, Black girl, her family is left fighting for answers.

Mikayla and her family deserve dedication, transparency, and honesty when it comes to finding out what really happened to Mikayla the night of April 17th. They deserve answers. It’s on us to fight alongside Mikayla’s family until they get it.

Sign onto the petition demanding that the D.A.’s office order an independent investigation and release the autopsy results immediately.