October Is LGBTQ+ History Month

Did you know that October is LGBTQ+ history month? It’s a 31-day celebration to honor lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer achievement and influence on the world and a time to learn more about the history of LGBTQ+ rights.

Since our creation, Black Lives Matter has been about LGBTQ+ lives — because all Black lives matter, period. It’s a priority for us to always put LGBTQ+ voices at the center of the conversation, and it’s important that we highlight the intersectionalities of being Black and LGBTQ+ in our movement.

That’s why this month, we’ve partnered with the National Black Justice Coalition. NBJC’s mission is to end racism, homophobia, and LGBTQ+ bias and stigma. They’ve been a leading national civil rights organization since 2003 and are dedicated to the empowerment of Black LGBTQ+ people.

We’re joining forces with them to uplift the Equality Act, a critical piece of legislation that would protect LGBTQIA+ folks across the country. Passage of the Equality Act would ensure that our country is able to move toward a more inclusive future. It aims to combat discrimination and provide protections for the LGBTQIA+ community — because no one deserves to live in fear of hate.

Currently, fewer than 25 states have protections for LGBTQIA+ folks coded into law, and even fewer protect trans folks.

That’s why we need to put pressure on the Senate so the Equality Act can be on its way to becoming law.

Here are resources for you to learn more about and urge the Senate to take action toward passing the Equality Act:

It’s critical that we get the work done and take action whenever we can. Let’s continue to remember that Black lives can’t matter unless ALL Black lives matter.