What Defunding the Police Really Means

Can we tell you something? Why is it time to defund the police?

We know that police don’t keep us safe — and as long as we continue to pump money into our corrupt criminal justice system at the expense of housing, health, and education investments — we will never be truly safe.

Ep. 6: A Conversation with Artist and Activist Mysonne “The General”

What Matters Web Series Ep. 6

Black Lives Matter Global Network Managing Director, Kailee Scales is joined by rapper/activist/author Mysonne Linen to discuss his liberation work and how the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Rayshard Brooks, among others, have traumatized the global community and led Mysonne and so many others around the world to take to the streets in peaceful protest.

Black Lives Matter Boston #SayHerName March on July 4

Black Lives Matter Boston #SayHerName March on July 4

On Saturday, July 4, Black Lives Matter Boston is calling us all to march and rally for Breonna Taylor, Riah Milton, Oluwatoyin Salah, Marielle Franco, Tseshego Fatso Pule, Christine Ricketts, Bobby Jean Graham, and too many other Black Womxn.

What Matters Ep. 5: Talking Activism with Bubba Wallace

What Matters Web Series Ep. 5

Black Lives Matter Global Network Managing Director, Kailee Scales is joined by NASCAR race car driver Bubba Wallace to discuss how he got into race car driving and what it’s been like being the only full-time Black NASCAR driver.

For Immediate Release, Statement by Kailee Scales, Managing Director of BLM Global Network

Black Lives Matter Logo

Today, Donald Trump attributed a quote to a “Black Lives Matter leader” on his social media. We have traced these comments to Hawk Newsome. Hawk Newsome has no relation to the Black Lives Matter Global Network (“BLM”) founded by Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi — and is not the “president” of BLM or any of its chapters.

Now, We Transform

Large Crowd Holding Lights in the Air

Our fight for liberty, justice, and freedom continues. Together, we can — and will — transform. This is the revolution. Change is coming.

Make Juneteenth a National Holiday

Emancipation Day Celebration in Richmond, Virginia, 1905

Now more than ever, we must highlight and celebrate the rich history of our community and our culture. In the last few days, cities and companies across the country have declared Juneteenth a holiday. Just like our lives, our HISTORY matters, including why Juneteenth is rooted in joy and is a call for liberation for the Black community.

Black Lives Matter Global Network Partners with BET House Party to Speak with Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Kailee Scales and Deepak Chopra

The taping of the program was completed prior to the killing of George Floyd. The original BET air date was May 29, 2020. Black Lives Matter Global Network Managing Director, Kailee Scales is joined by renowned physician, author, and philosopher, Deepak Chopra, M.D. to discuss how our minds effect our health and share ways to calm ourselves from stress, trauma, and fears and to see past the chaos.

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation Announces $6.5 Million Fund to Support Organizing Work

Black Lives Matter Logo

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLM Global Network Foundation), a US nonprofit global organization active in the US, UK, and Canada is grateful for the generosity and support of donors and is pleased to announce a $6.5 million fund to support grassroots organizing work. This fund is available to all chapters affiliated with the BLM Global Network Foundation. Starting July 1, 2020, affiliated chapters may apply for unrestricted grant funding of up to $500,000 in multi-year grants.

Happy Birthday, Breonna

Photos of Breonna Taylor

Share your birthday wish for Breonna today, on her 27th birthday. Help us write one collective love letter to a woman who should be spending this day in the loving company of friends, family, her boyfriend, and her EMT colleagues