MLK’s Dream. Our Fight.

Today, as we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (who was born on January 15th, 1929), we are still carrying so much of our own pain and grief.

We’re fighting for our lives and liberation. We’re mourning the Black lives lost to systemic racism, police brutality, and COVID-19. And we’re recovering from a white supremacist failed coup at our nation’s Capitol just 12 days ago — all while still trying to reckon with the racist roots of the country we are fighting so hard to improve.

But just as MLK did, we continue to persevere. We continue to center Black lives. And we continue to speak out and take action against injustice everywhere.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in the possibility of an America that celebrates, acknowledges, and allows for thriving Black lives. Today — and every day — we keep fighting to see his and our dream realized.

Although this MLK Day looks very different from years past, it is important that we take a moment to rest and reflect on all that our ancestors have contributed to the movement. With each passing day, we take more and more steps toward realizing the America that MLK so diligently believed in.

Keep checking in on each other, and keep on fighting.