We Urgently Need a Transformative Approach to Public Safety

For far too long, this country has advanced systems of oppression that are detrimental to Black people.

It’s beyond time for that to change.

Just look at public safety. If the current system was actually designed to protect our communities, Black people could be thriving — not just merely surviving.

Transforming public safety is vital to the freedom and liberation of all Black people. It’s time we recognize that this current system isn’t (and hasn’t been for a long time) working for our communities.

We’re uplifting this piece in Medium, written by Melina Abdullah — Director of BLM Grassroots and Co-Founder of BLM LA. In the article, Melina goes through the various priorities that the Biden-Harris administration should take to immediately transform our system of public safety.

A transformation to public safety requires that we don’t tinker around the edges of a fundamentally unjust system. Instead, we upend it.

We dare to imagine and build new systems that invest deeply in resources like youth programs, good jobs, mental health care, housing…resources that actually make our communities safe.

Our top priorities include ending qualified immunity, the removal of police officers from schools, and requiring data collection and reporting — just to name a few.

These actions, along with others outlined in this piece, will bring us one step closer to transforming public safety from a system of violence to one of care.

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