Here’s to Celebrating Black Futures Month 2024!!

Join us in commemorating Black Futures Month, a visionary and forward-looking initiative inspired by Black movement leaders. This February, we’re transforming the narrative to manifest a future where every Black life matters. As we embark on this journey, our core programmatic initiative is dedicated to showcasing the multifaceted dimensions of community care, education, culture, wellness, and the profound impact of our past on the present and future.

  • Music Mondays: Elevate your week with a musical journey as we spotlight dynamic Black artists every Monday in February.
  • Tech and Innovation Tuesdays: Explore Black innovators’ impactful stories each Tuesday, connecting past achievements to future possibilities.
  • Wellness Wednesdays: Every Wednesday in February, join us in discussing crucial wellness topics within the Black community, embracing radical rest, and breaking down mental health stigmas.
  • Throwback Thursdays: Uncover the relevance of Black history to our present and future every Thursday, where we highlight key historical events and their impact.
  • Film Fridays: End your week with powerful visuals and activism as every Friday in February, we’ll share impactful BLM films.

Get ready to engage, learn, and uplift as we collectively envision a brighter, more inclusive future. From Monday — Friday, together, we’ll celebrate the richness of Black culture and strive towards a world where every Black voice is heard and every Black life is valued. Happy Black Futures Month!