February 2019: #Free21Savage

Following Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph’s detainment by the Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) agency, Black Lives Matter Global Network joined with a consortium of nearly 60 celebrities, top human rights organizations (including Color of Change, BAJI, UndocuBlack Network, Define American, and United We Dream), and communications and legal teams to advocate for the release of Abraham-Joseph, to continue to pressure ICE, and to draw attention to the need for immigration reform — the unfair targeting of Black immigrants and the 600,000 undocumented Black immigrants in the US.


Monday, February 4, 2019: Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors sponsored a petition that has received over 450,000 signatures and led a social media campaign to #Free21Savage.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019: The #Free21Savage consortium called on Elected Officials to investigate the excessive force and abuse ICE uses against immigrants and to dismantle the oppressive systems and policies that target Black immigrants.

• Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA; 4th District) wrote the Immigration Judge advocating for the release of 21 Savage.

Sunday, February 10, 2019: Activist demonstration outside of Staples Center on Grammy Day, demanding the release of 21 Savage. The debut of a 100-foot billboard urging the public to sign the petition on 7th and Vine in Los Angeles.

Monday, February 11, 2019: Black Lives Matter Global Network led a public call-to-action to make phone calls to Sean Gallagher, ICE Field Director.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019: The BLM Global Network led coalition released a powerful PSA produced by Mic.com in support of 21 Savage. The PSA, “21 Ways You Can Be Detained If You’re Undocumented in America,” featured Common, Kendrick Lamar, Mike Tyson, Yara Shahidi, J. Cole, Post Malone, TI, J.Cole, DJ Khaled, SZA, Jesse Williams, America Ferrara, and more.

• The #Free21Savage consortium led a rally in Atlanta and a petition drop to an ICE Field Office.

Thursday, February 14, 2019: UndocuBlack Network and BLM Global Network hosted a national call to update the community on what’s next post-21 Savage release.

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September 2018: Stephon Clark

Marking the six-month anniversary of the murder of Stephon Clark, Black Lives Matter Global Network activists used 175 caskets to represent these lives and to magnify the impact that these fatalities have on our community. This action was intended to highlight the violence inflicted upon Black bodies by the police force and the urgent need to transform policing in America, and to call for justice, transparency, and accountability. We demanded an increased interest in investing in our communities including promoting better education and resources and divesting from over-policing. BLM activists were joined by: Women for Equality, Voices of the Youth, APTP, PICO, BSU Sacramento City, AGNT, NAACP, SURJ, HIP, Immigration Coalition, Brown Berets, and a host of others.

June 2018: Action at the San Diego Border

Black Lives Matter Global Network activists from the state of California and a consortium of BLM activists from across the country gathered at the San Diego border to demand just and humane treatment of migrants and refugees seeking asylum in the the United States.