Deep Dive into the People’s Response Act: Watch the PRA Day Video Series - Black Lives Matter
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Deep Dive into the People’s Response Act: Watch the PRA Day Video Series

On November 17, 2021, the first-ever People’s Response Act (PRA) Day launched with a series of informational videos detailing the history, impact and importance of the PRA. Watch the videos below and hear from members of congress, national advocates, and local organizers on how the People’s Response Act pushes their vision forward, and why we all need to get on board. Join organizers across the country and advocate for non-carceral approaches to public safety.

PRA-endorsing organizations include: Black Lives Matter, the Movement for Black Lives, Civil Rights Corps, Color of Change, and Essie Justice Group.

Redefining Public Safety: Announcing Cosponsors and Endorsers for the PRA 

A discussion about the origins of the People’s Response Act and its importance in our communities. 

Speakers include: Kayla Reed of the PRA Coalition, Congresswomen Cori Bush, Alma Adams, Jan Schakowsky, and Rashida Tlaib, and members of the PRA host coalition.

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#PeoplesResponse in LA

A conversation between organizers in Los Angeles about visions for non-carceral approaches to public safety in LA. 

Produced by Color of Change, speakers include: Melina Abdullah, Megan Castillo, and Joseph Williams.

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#PeoplesResponse in Boston 

A conversation about opportunities large and small to bring us closer to a world without and beyond incarceration. 

Produced by Color of Change, speakers include: Sashi James of Families for Justice as Healing and the National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls, and Derrel Weathers of Voices of Liberation: Feed the Hood Program. 

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#PeoplesResponse in Chicago

A conversation about visions of and models for public safety in Chicago. 

Produced by Color of Change, speakers include: Dr. Amara Enyia and Beatriz Beckford of Moms Rising.

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#PeoplesResponse to Community Safety: Public Safety as Public Health

A panel speaks on the importance of public safety through a post-pandemic public health lens. 

Produced by Color of Change, speakers include: Alec Karakatsanis, Amber Akemi Piatt, Keris Myrick, and Asantewaa Boykin.

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More About the People’s Response Act

It’s time to reimagine public safety. Cori Bush’s People’s Response Act gets us closer to our vision.

The People’s Response Act leverages innovative health-based strategies to transform public safety as we know it and invest in the support our communities need to thrive. Put simply, the People’s Response Act is built around the idea that resourced communities are safe communities.

Passing the People’s Response Act would create a federal unit to fund professionally trained first responders, a grant program to fund community-based organizations developing approaches to crisis situations, and a federal body at the Department of Health and Human Services to oversee other non-punitive approaches to public safety.

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