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D.C. Statehood Is a Racial Justice Issue

Fam, D.C. statehood is a racial justice issue.

Most folks don’t realize that the argument against statehood is rooted in anti-Black racism ‐ but it is. And it dates all the way back to the reconstruction era (right after the Civil War), when Black residents in D.C. were granted significant political influence. Once Black voters started to raise their voices at the ballot box, Congress replaced D.C.’s territorial government with three commissioners appointed by the president ‐ all to silence Black voices and Black political power.

Fast forward to today ‐ D.C. has no voting representation in Congress, but every major decision like the city budget still has to be approved by Congress. Yes, you read that right: Elected officials from the 50 states have more of a say in D.C. affairs than the 700,000 residents in D.C. ‐ who are majority Black and brown ‐ do.

These anti-democratic practices are part of an entire system suppressing Black voices and power in politics. We see it in the record-high number of anti-voter bills being introduced and passed in state legislatures right now, the lack of investment in Black voter turnout, and new anti-protest laws.

D.C. residents literally have no say in Congress. That’s why it’s on us, who do have voting members of Congress, to speak up and demand our people in D.C. get the representation they deserve as taxpayers and residents of our nation.

Take two minutes to use our easy tool and send a letter to your senators demanding they support D.C. statehood:

Here’s the good news: D.C statehood has never had more momentum, and it’s never been so close to advancing.

But the bad news: D.C. statehood relies on the Senate. It’s already passed in the House, and President Biden has already affirmed the administration’s support.

Rep. Maxine Waters said it best:

Maxine Waters: "Race underlies every argument against D.C. statehood."

Earlier this week, the Senate held a markup to debate and discuss provisions for the For The People Act ‐ which includes a provision supporting D.C. statehood. This was a huge step for statehood, and another reason why we’re pushing folks in the Senate to end the racist filibuster!

But just like the For The People Act ‐ senators are using the filibuster to hold up the standalone D.C. statehood bill, too. Because D.C. doesn’t have any representation in the Senate to fight against the arguments against statehood, we need to be the voice for our people in D.C. and demand OUR senators stick up for them.

The blatant racism will not continue to be the basis of the argument against D.C. statehood. Send a letter to your senators now and demand they support statehood for D.C.

Support D.C. Statehood Graphic

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