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Black Futures Month Is a Pillar of the BLM Foundation’s Culture Work

Every year, Black Lives Matter Foundation celebrates Black Futures Month in various ways – some being through music, arts, food, and culture, as well as food justice. 

Black Futures Month is uplifted and celebrated by BLM Foundation – which does not erase Black History Month. During Black Futures Month, we remember the importance and work of our ancestors and those before us – but at the same time, we work together to move forward. To move in a bold, progressive direction in order to take our futures into our own hands.

Black movement leaders coined Black Futures Month as a visionary, forward-looking spin on celebrations of Blackness in February because it is important to manifest and dream of a world where all Black Lives Matter.

We are dedicated to shifting culture through community fellowship and programming. In case you missed it, here is an overview of our work!

  • In 2021, BLM Foundation’s main campaign was a Black History Month political education series in collaboration with Scholars for Black Lives, whose key representative in this was Charles Davis. This was a partnership with BLM Grassroots. The series consisted of daily postings on social media of different key figures in Black history. 
  • In 2022, BLM Foundation partnered with artist pierre bennu for a five-part mini-video series and powered the Uplift concert series, organized by Trap Heals, to feature up-and-coming Black artists.

Stay up to date with our upcoming Black Futures Month programming.

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