BREATHE Day 2020 Highlights and A Continued Call to Action

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation in collaboration with Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) and so many partnering organizations celebrated September 29, 2020 as BREATHE Day.

BREATHE Day is a time and place for discussing Black issues and how the BREATHE Act will #DefundthePolice and create a future for all of us to thrive. For too long, Black people have been forced to hold our breath. The wait is over.

For BREATHE Day 2020, we unveiled exclusive BREATHE Act art, provided tools on how to have conversations about Defunding the Police, and collectively demanded Congress take action.

In case you missed it or want to re-experience, here are highlights from BREATHE Day 2020:

View BREATHE Act art and other updates on the M4BL Twitter account.

From the Streets to Congress: A BREATHE Day Conversation with Jamaal Bowman

Join Jamaal Bowman for a discussion on how he hopes to effect change from Congress and how he plans to fight for bold ideas like those brought to life in the BREATHE Act.

Guests: Congressman-Elect Jamaal Bowman, Monifa Bandele

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Breath for Breonna

A conversation in which Michelle Alexander and a M4BL rep connect Breonna Taylor’s case to specific components of the BREATHE Act such as gender, justice, and the war on drugs.

Guests: Michelle Alexander, Gina Clayton-Johnson

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BREATHE 20:20 — Answering 20 Questions in 20 Minutes

Short 20 minute IG Live overviewing the BREATHE Act, answering FAQs, and learning how to support this effort.

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The Importance of the BREATHE Act

A conversation about the importance of Black voices in the 2020 election and answering the tough questions around defunding the police.

Guests: Patrisse Cullors, Janelle Monae

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Our Continued Call to Action

BREATHE Day 2020 may be over, but there’s still more you can do to demand change.

Our nation is facing a turning point. We can either stand up and demand change, or we can continue watching as our Black and Brown neighbors choke on expired tear gas, disappear into unmarked vans, and bear the brunt of police brutality in this nation.

The BREATHE Act is a 21st-century Federal civil rights bill that will help communities of color not just survive, but thrive. We’re building support for the BREATHE Act from the ground up — and that starts with showing Congress that communities across the country demand change. Because it’s not enough to just say that Black Lives Matter — we need to live it. We need the BREATHE Act.

Contact your Congressional Representative today and tell them you DEMAND they support the BREATHE Act:

Support the BREATHE Act