Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

We need to pay Black women fairly.

Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, and we’re breaking things down for y’all:

  • Do you know the amount of time it takes a Black woman to earn the same amount a white man is paid in 2020? It takes 215 additional days for a Black woman to break even because she is only earning $0.63 compared to a white man’s $1.
  • On average, every working Black woman is missing out on nearly a million dollars in their lifetime because of the wage gap. (Yes, the pay gap is about much more than just a singular paycheck.)
  • Black women face a wider-than-average pay gap despite the fact they participate in the workforce at much higher rates than other women.

Despite Black women contributing at a high rate to the U.S. workforce, they’re still forced to deal with the repercussions of a system built on white supremacy. It’s time to close the gap and pay Black women what they’re worth.

Black Women's Equal Pay Day Infographic

Black mothers are also most often the breadwinners of their family — so when Black moms are paid less, that means Black families have less money for basic necessities like rent and food. And over time, this impacts Black families’ ability to invest in savings, higher education, property, and so much more.

Black liberation includes ensuring Black women are paid equally and fairly. They are not only the backbone of countless Black families — but the backbone of our nation time and again.