25,000 Signatures. 4,000 Tweets. 29 Lawmakers. And More…

The 1033 Program upholds white supremacy by selling military weapons to law enforcement around the country — that’s why last month, we came together to demand that President Biden #End1033.

Here’s what we accomplished together:

  • Over 25,000 signatures on our petition to the White House.
  • Nearly 4,000 tweets to President Biden and his team to #End1033 — getting the hashtag trending the day after President Biden’s speech to Congress.
  • 29 lawmakers signed a letter to President Biden calling on him to #End1033.
  • The LA Times reported renewed momentum in Congress to negotiate and pass a bill on policing that could include an end to 1033.

Though President Biden has yet to respond to our demand to #End1033, the news that there’s renewed momentum in Congress to end police violence is proof our voices were heard. That’s something to celebrate, fam.

And we’ll continue to keep the pressure on the administration — because there’s no power like people-power. Because every time we raised our voices on Twitter or through the petition, we also spread the word on the 1033 Program and brought more folks into the fight. White supremacy thrives in all spaces across the country, and the 1033 Program is just one of the many.

So long as we keep exposing it, we can end it.