Now, We Transform - Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter Foundation

Now, We Transform

Our fight for liberty, justice, and freedom continues. Together, we can — and will — transform. This is the revolution. Change is coming. Thank you to everyone who contributed footage and photos to this film. You helped document history.

Special thanks to the people who appear in this film. Their images represent our stories in this country and around the world.


​​Score by ​​Raury (@Raury)
​​Featuring the voice of ​​Kailee Scales
​​Produced by ​​Black Lives Matter Foundation
​​Directed by ​​Jonathan Olinger (@JonathanOlinger)
​​Created by ​​HUMAN ​​ ​​@thehumanstory
​​Produced by ​​Sienna Brown
​​Additional footage contributed by
Kevin Wall
​​Dieuwertje Heuvelings
​​D. Perry
​​Evan Carter
​​Giselle Datchoua
​​Jodi Rosenblum
​​Muhammad Rasheed
​​Stephen Attong
​​Greger Flak
​​Kenyan D Alexander
​​Estevan Baza
​​Ethan Garland
​​Rita Harper
​​Cooper Pattison
​​Toniesha Payne
​​Nick D’Andria
​​Adil Pastakia
​​Toon Jumelet
​​Sean Matsuyama
​​Melanie-Natasha Melcher
​​Merel Kok
​​Chris Lewinson
​​Trace Taylor
​​Yvonne Locke
​​Todd Anderson
​​Thomas van den Berg
​​Taiwo Bah
​​Raoul Laisina
​​Rowmel Findley
​​Jill Mathon
​​Cristina Fisher
​​Brian Fraser
​​Rowmel Findley​​

Thank you to all who helped capture this historic moment.