BLM and HBCU Pa'lante "Breaking Barriers Para Puentes" Webinar - Black Lives Matter
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BLM and HBCU Pa’lante “Breaking Barriers Para Puentes” Webinar

A discussion on Latinx experience in different industries, voicing for cultural concerns, highlighting complexities of their heritage, and societal integration. The discussion hones in on the intersectionality of the African Diaspora and Latinos/x/as/es in the United States. It includes dialogue on language – words get lost in translation, what it means to be Black in LatinX homes, and identifying categories – Latino/a/x/e, Hispanic, Chicano/a as well as the often-asked questions.

To celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, the Black Lives Matter Foundation has partnered with HBCU Pa’lante to highlight AfroLatinx members of the African Diaspora in history. Honing in on intersectionality, the #HBCUPalante campaign spotlights folks from the African diaspora in Latinx culture, and the impacts they made in their community. With history often ignoring the African Diaspora in Latinx culture, those that identify as AfroLatinx are erased from the discourse surrounding celebrations of Latinx culture. The #HBCUPalante campaign explores the complexities of their heritage as both African and Latinx persons.

By collaborating with the #HBCUPalante campaign, BLM will go in depth to celebrate differences, recognize similarities, and encourage meaningful discussion within the AfroLatinx community and beyond.


This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.


Carmen Acosta
Maria-Teresa Viscarra
Brandon Jones
Yvette Lewis

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