Statement from BLM Global Network on the Life and Legacy of Muhiyidin Moye

In this new iteration of our long fight for Black liberation, Black freedom and the ability to live fully unrestricted by state violence, racism and white supremacy on this occupied native land, we see the increase of violence against Black people, including our deaths.

We demand a full, complete, comprehensive and transparent investigation into the murder of our beloved comrade, Moye. We are heartbroken to now count him as one of our ancestors, but we are honored to have had a small chance to experience his brilliance, love, truth and power while on this earth.

We have survived the terror and violence that is living while Black in this country for many years. Yet, we continually reject the expectation to accept our death and murders as normal, as part of the accepted status quo. Moye now joins our other freedom fighting ancestors including Erica Garner, Malcolm X and Harriet Tubman. Moye fought, loved and struggled for our people in effort to create a world where  saying “all lives matter” actually includes Black lives. A world where Black unemployment does not remain twice as high as that of white people. A world where police are not permitted, encouraged and given impunity for killing, torturing and maiming Black lives. A world where our people have enough to eat, have livable wage jobs, have affordable housing, and access to healthcare. A world where our country does not incarcerate its population at a rate higher than any other country in history. A world where Blackness is honored, loved and held in all of its beautiful powerful humanity. A world where we do not have to march as hundreds of thousands in the streets to demand that our lives be treated with the dignity, respect and reverence of others. A world we have yet to see on this soil. A world that Moye was making.

We call on all people who are a part of the Black freedom movement to demand answers. To demand a full transparent and comprehensive investigation into his murder. We call on all people to honor his life by supporting his family, his comrades, and by organizing to upend the systems of oppression, incarceration, poverty in our communities. We strive to honor his memory and the memory of so many Black freedom fighters who experience violence as the result of our pursuit for Black Liberation.

Moye lives and will continue to live in every heart and fist that is fighting for the liberation of our people. Moye’s body will be laid to rest, but his fighting spirit is reborn everyday in the heart and mind of every freedom fighter that continues to struggle to make a world where Black liberation is more than a political concept, but is a lived reality. Do this by demanding resources for your community; demand to defund the police; demand accountability for all victims of police killings, torture and violence; demand fully funded public schools; demand affordable healthcare; demand livable wages and so much more. Connect with other like-minded individuals. Organize and link up with other liberation struggles because we can learn from them and they can learn from us, and ultimately our liberation movements are linked by the sheer nature of our humanity. Continue to interrogate injustice, demand the release of political prisoners. Fight and plan for decarceration, demilitarization and study and imagine alternatives to existing power. Together we will mourn, together we will rise. Together we will win. Love live Moye!