What is the Student Solidarity Fund? - Black Lives Matter
Photo of HBCU Ambassadors with two board members

What is the Student Solidarity Fund?

The world we are building is for our youth. Their lives matter. Their futures matter, and we must do all we can to ensure that they thrive—not just survive. The Student Solidarity Fund gives monetary support directly to current HBCU students and Black alumni with college debt.

For decades, Black people in the United States have been told that education is a key to entry into the middle class. But the imposition of barriers to education have become another way for white supremacy to hold Black people back—preventing countless Black families from building Black generational wealth.

Our mutual aid work follows models built by the Black liberation movement, which fought against a lack of government investment in Black communities by organizing independent social justice efforts.

With our Student Solidarity Fund, we’ve reached thousands of Black borrowers, scholars, and folks nationwide looking to free themselves from the burden of student loan debt.

The Student Solidarity Fund is a 3-part strategy that directly addresses the needs of Black students:

PART 1: Scholarship Phase 1 Scholarships for Grad and Alumni

BLM Foundation and BLM Grassroots designed the BLM Survival Fund to support Black people and families facing economic hardship during the pandemic by providing cash assistance to help keep folks in their homes, keep food on the table, and, ultimately, to provide a little breathing room in their lives.

PART 2: Scholarship Phase 2 Currently Enrolled Students

Following the success of Phase 1, we released a second phase of our mutual aid initiative which specifically focuses on HBCU students. This fund is dedicated to currently enrolled HBCU students, providing them the chance to apply for a $750 scholarship to be used on anything they might need. The application closed April 17, 2023 with thousands of entries sharing unique talent and need. 

PART 3: The HBCU Ambassador Program

Proceeding from Phase 2, we have built a BLM Foundation HBCU Student Ambassador Program—a leg of the Student Solidarity Fund. Our ambassadors serve as leaders on and off HBCU campuses, building community, sharing resources, and representing BLM Foundation. MEET OUR HBCU AMBASSADORS!

It is not enough for Black people to just survive. We want to invest in Black communities to create a world where Black people can thrive.

Learn more about ongoing Student Solidarity Fund programming here and text BLM to 24355 to receive our announcements!