Meet Our Black Futures Month Artist-In-Residence, pierre bennu - Black Lives Matter
An artwork of a person with their eyes closed depicted with shades of magenta and purple in front of a pink and yellow background.

Meet Our Black Futures Month Artist-In-Residence, pierre bennu

We are celebrating Black innovation, Black art, and Black creativity with our friend, pierre bennu! He turns love into art and art into medicine and we are relishing in his genius. This video is a personalized artist statement that journeys us into bennu’s mind.

As we enter Black Futures Month, we are uplifting pierre’s work as a beautiful depiction of the kind of world that WE want to see: brimming with light, community, and a celebration of Black love and healing. 

We’ll be releasing pierre’s newest work weekly throughout Black Futures Month. We hope you follow along and support pierre’s work. Let’s celebrate our visionary artists NOW!

“Black and Green” A film by pierre bennu

When was  the last time you stuck your bare feet in lush green grass? Did you wiggle your toes? Did you feel the earth beneath your feet? Did you observe the critters crawling, growing and thriving in nature?

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“10 Things”  A video love letter from pierre bennu

A joyous and vibrant animation detailing the things sweet and mundane bennu enjoys about his life partner. 

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“Breathe” A visual and sonic meditation by pierre bennu

This meditative video is an invitation to focus your breath, quiet and expand your mind, and connect more deeply with your inner child.

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“That Part: A Self Love Exercise” A brief and powerful reflection by pierre bennu

Everyone has an aspect of themselves they may sometimes struggle to love. What part of yourself do you need to show more love to?

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