February 26th, 2018: A Letter To Trayvon’s Parents

Dear Sybrina and Tracy,

As the evening closes we are left with the pain of Trayvon’s loss.

We hurt and mourn with you today.

We hurt and mourn with you as you relive the day, six years ago, when your beautiful Black child’s life was taken by a white supremacist vigilante.

And we remember that you taught us how to fight.

We remember Trayvon, your loss, and the grief many of us know too well.  We remember Trayvon when we take action and as we demand to be seen in our full humanity, and not as what white supremacists misrepresent us to be. We are children and siblings, mothers and fathers, students and teachers, and more. We deserve to be free to live and to enjoy full lives. We deserve more than to be murdered in our own neighborhoods because Blackness is interpreted as a threat.

Trayvon’s memory and our shared pain galvanizes us forward, and we will continue to fight for an end to the destruction of Black lives.


To support the legacy of Trayvon Martin, please visit the foundation started in his name by his family: https://trayvonmartinfoundation.org/