"Collective Imagination: The Art of Healing Part II" Webinar - Black Lives Matter
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“Collective Imagination: The Art of Healing Part II” Webinar

This webinar was recorded on Friday, March 4, 2022.

Healing justice has become a portal for revolutionary visions of Black freedom.

Over the last several years, Healing Justice has become a prominent concept and practice within our movement. The emergence and recognition that Black people deserve healing and wholeness is transforming our culture.

Healing Justice is something we deserve. It’s something we own. It’s something we embody. It’s something each and everyone of us must have.

This month our center is “Collective Imagination: The Art of Healing Part II.”

We turn our conversation to sacred and luminous practices of creativity and imagination in the healing journeys of Black people. Our healers examine practices of collective imagination, arts of healing, and the multiple ways to access Spirit and wholeness through the individual and collective body.

We affirm that healthy connections hold spaciousness for healing and love. How do we connect with Spirit through practices of communal imagination and healing arts?

We highlight some practices that can support the transformation of individual and collective grief into collective imaginings, futures, and liberation for cultivating sovereignty and co-sovereignty.


  • Karlene Griffiths Sekou: Embodied-healing practitioner, seer, pastoral counselor, and ritualist
  • Dé Bryant: Community psychologist, trauma care facilitator, teacher, and racial justice advocate
  • Melissa Alexis: Mindfulness facilitator, personal and organizational development coach, yogi
  • Estella Holeman: Spiritual practitioner, spirit awakening facilitator, body worker, and poet
  • Luana Morales: Birth, Death, and Ancestral healing arts practitioner, birth and bereavement doula, death midwife, circle keeper, officiant, reiki master teacher, ritual guide, spiritual coach, and herbal apprentice
  • Allegra Fletcher: Artist-educator-scholar and community cultivator

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