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BLM Stands Against Trump’s Policy Separating Children and Families

Furthering the aggressive immigration policies of the Obama Administration, the Trump Administration’s decision to establish and enforce a zero-tolerance policy at the border towards immigrants seeking asylum is reprehensible and, in our ongoing work to dismantle oppressive systems and policies, is firmly against the values of Black Lives Matter Global Network. As a pro-Black, pro-Queer, anti-fascist organization in a nation populated by immigrants of all races, creeds, and colors, including Black immigrants from every country, ripping children out of their parent’s arms does nothing to keep us or this country safe. We condemn this; the Black Lives Matter Global Network believes that public safety, especially the safety of all Black people, is best served by the provision of resources.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network stands with all those calling for compassion to help solve this manufactured crisis that President Trump can terminate at any time without violating the law. We must find a better way forward because detention camps are not the answer.

About The Black Lives Matter Global Network

The Black Lives Matter Global Network is an organizing network of nearly 40 chapters across the world and works to end violence against Black people that is sanctioned by the state.  By combating and countering acts of violence and creating space for Black imagination and innovation, we are building power and winning immediate improvements in our lives. For more information, please visit

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