Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation Commemorates George Floyd, Demands Systemic Change to Protect Black Life

Washington, D.C. — Two years after George Floyd’s murder at the hands of Minneapolis Police, D’Zhane Parker, an activist and member of the Board of Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation issued the following statement marking his stolen life, and the work that remains to end state sanctioned violence in our communities:

“George Floyd’s life mattered. It mattered to his family; to his daughter; to the people who loved him deeply and unconditionally; to his community. We honor his life, by continuing to do the work to end state-sanctioned violence and enriching Black lives.

“Our communities continue to move from tragedy to tragedy — all the while, countless politicians continue their rallying cry for more funding for police while they do nothing to address gun violence terrorizing schools, grocery stores, and places of worship. Moments like these paint a hard reality as to why we say defund the police and in turn, invest in our communities.

“Politicians have been protecting systems of policing as if it could magically abandon its roots of slave patrolling and anti-Black violence. Banning choke holds and requiring body cameras doesn’t keep us safe. More money for “training” doesn’t keep us safe. President Biden’s Executive Order willfully ignores the inherently racist origins of policing, and advances the same ideas over and over again as if somehow it will magically make old, outdated approaches work. Halfway measures will not save our people from white supremacy and state violence.

“Studying use of force incidents at the Department of Health and Human Services isn’t the same as establishing an agency focused specifically on making non-carceral approaches to safety real. Going the safe route to win elections costs Black lives. Maintaining a white supremacist institution like policing costs Black lives. This continued commitment by politicians to support our killers makes them accessories to our demise. We intend to keep up the fight until we see bold, courageous action from politicians. George Floyd deserved more. Our communities in Buffalo and Uvalde deserved more. All Black people deserve better.”


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