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Get Ready to Vote

We know that our movement extends beyond the ballot box.

The journey towards a world where Black people have everything they need, without relying on the criminal punishment system to keep us safe, does not begin or end with elections. But if we’re being completely honest, we HAVE to show up in the midterm elections. The fight for Black liberation is in our hands, and one of the biggest parts of this fight is at the polls.

To put it simply, not a single one of us can afford to sit out this election. When we ignore elections, we enable the conditions that lead to investments in prison and policing. Then, divestment from things like housing and health care happen in just a matter of time.

We deserve policies that empower our communities. For these midterms, we all need to show up and be #AbolitionistVoters.

Here is the truth: Elections can make transformative change. And here’s a breakdown of how:

  • Elections can help eliminate oppressive structures.
  • Elections can help create just economies and governments.
  • Elections can ensure that we remove white supremacists from having legislative power.

We know as abolitionists that elections are the floor, not the ceiling. But there’s a sweet spot — the sweet spot of change must combine a robust toolbox of strategies, like direct action, protesting, political education, cultural organizing, and yes, voting!

The Black vote is more than just a talking point or reliable base for either party. If it wasn’t important, then folks wouldn’t be trying so hard to take it away. That’s why we need to utilize our power to ensure that we vote for policies and representation that push our communities forward.

But to do that we have to make sure we are all properly equipped with the tools and resources to make the voting process as smooth as possible — and we got you!

Use the Rock The Vote site to prepare to vote and to track and receive notifications on the status of your ballot:

I’m Ready to Vote!