Tell Congress We Need Cori Bush's the People's Response Act - Black Lives Matter

Tell Congress We Need Cori Bush’s the People’s Response Act

For the first time in generations, the BREATHE Act offered a new vision for public safety and community funding that would keep our communities safe from the violence of over-policing.

Today marks 1 year since the introduction of the BREATHE Act — and we’ve made some major strides since then.

Last summer, Black Lives Matter became the largest social justice movement in history. In the 2020 election, we showed up in record numbers to get Trump out of office (and succeeded), and it was Black folks who flipped Georgia for the first time in nearly 30 years. And now, we’re using our power to make public safety what it should’ve been all along.

Rep. Cori Bush said it best:

Cori Bush: "We have a mandate to legislate in defense of Black lives."

We have a mandate to legislate in defense of Black lives — because Black people deserve to thrive. To live life to the fullest and build communities that empower and enrich the lives of all Black people.

Introduced by Rep. Cori Bush and inspired by the BREATHE Act, the People’s Response Act would build on that vision of true public safety. It transforms our current “public safety” system from one of violence and criminalization to one modeled after public health, where care and prevention are centered.

Fam, we shook the political foundations of the world last summer and fall by using our voices. Now we need to use them again to secure the change we marched for — by demanding our representatives pass the People’s Response Act. Will you sign our petition to get Congress to act?

1 year later, the BREATHE Act serves as the framework for a vision that brings us closer to safety for everyone. And thanks to that framework, we now have leaders like Rep. Cori Bush pushing to pass the People’s Response Act. And it’s on us to get legislators to act fast.

The People’s Response Act would create a federal first responders unit that will support states and local governments with emergency health crises. It would also create a First Responders Hiring Grant to fund non-carceral first responders — because mental health crises should NEVER be a death sentence for Black people.

It would create a grant program that funds community-based organizations to invest and promote services that Black people need to be safe — mental health, violence interruption, and youth programs.

It would incentivize state and local governments to shrink their ever-expanding criminal-legal systems that disproportionately target Black communities.

It would do what public safety is supposed to.

Fam, our representatives need to hear from us on the People’s Response Act. Can you sign your name to this petition and tell Congress to take action?