Register to Vote Today! - Black Lives Matter
A collection of "I Voted" stickers scattered on a table

Register to Vote Today!

Every year we hear, “There’s so much at stake this election!” The fact of the matter is, for Black folks, the stakes are always high, and they continue to get higher.

We are witnessing state legislatures across the country enact election laws that disproportionately suppress Black votership. This, in conjunction with congressional redistricting, has made it much harder for Black folks to exercise our right to participate in this democracy.

The fight for Black liberation is multi-fronted. Along with our efforts to build a world which keeps us safe through various alternative approaches to public safety, we must also fight to reverse and prevent the constant legislative attacks against our people. We need to vote for leaders who will fight for our vision of Black safety, joy, and liberation.

So, we’ve made registering to vote easy with our voter registration portal!

This year and beyond, we’re on a mission to show up at the elections in force. Black people have always held the keys to this democracy and it’s time to show that our people have power now like never before. We’ve been making history at the polls for generations. We made it happen again in 2020, and we plan to show up in even greater numbers in the future!