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Let President Biden Know That Voting Rights Are a Top Priority for the American People

Ever since we made history in last year’s election, legislators across the country have been retaliating with restrictive voting laws nationwide.

Since January, 18 state legislatures have introduced and passed over 30 pieces of legislation that make it especially hard for Black people to vote.

It’s gotten so bad that a few weeks ago, a handful of Texas lawmakers walked out of a special session and fled the state to prevent more restrictive voting bills from being signed into law by their colleagues.

Now, lawmakers from across the country are joining them in Washington D.C. to push the Senate and President to take action towards advancing voting rights.

The discriminatory legislation being passed is a direct retaliation against the progress we made in 2020. They saw what happens when Black people vote — and they’re trying to prevent it from happening again.

Clearly, some people feel threatened by Black voters — because we don’t play when it comes to voting for change. Demand President Biden take action by letting him know that voting rights are a top priority for the American people and should be a top priority of his as well.


The negative effects of these racist voting laws will be remnant in the Black community for decades to come. Making it harder to vote now will discourage Black people from voting in the future.

That’s why it’s so important for the Biden Administration to put pressure on voting rights now. The White House and Congress must act immediately and aggressively to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act — our democracy depends on it.

We can’t allow Republican lawmakers to bully the Black community from voting. They’ve done it in the past when Black people express their political power, but we won’t allow it again.

With hundreds of state lawmakers from across the country convening in D.C. right now — it’s the perfect time to add our voices in the fight for voting rights. Add your voice to the fight by directly tweeting @POTUS urging him to take a stand for voting rights immediately.