#BuildBlack by Supporting These Orgs This Giving Tuesday - Black Lives Matter
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#BuildBlack by Supporting These Orgs This Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day for us to generously give and unleash the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.

Today, we’re bringing to light just how much these innovative organizations do for our communities on a day-to-day basis, as their work speaks volumes about the complexity and importance of our fight for Black lives.

  • The HBCU Disability Consortium is a group of colleagues working in disability services at Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Predominantly Black Colleges and Universities. The project was set up as a partnership between the University of the District of Columbia, Howard University, Syracuse University, and the Association on Higher Education And Disability (AHEAD) and is now permanently based at AHEAD. The HBCU Disability Consortium has an email listserv for HBCU disability services providers, a detailed website, research with students and HBCU professionals, and much more.
  • Black Trans Travel Fund (BTTF) is a grassroots, Black Trans-led Collective, providing Black transgender women with financial and material resources needed to remove barriers to self-determining and accessing safer travel options. BTTF was created in direct response to the relentless and unacceptable transphobic violence Black transgender women across the country have been continuously experiencing. They have been working to provide Black transgender women with the resources needed to be able to self-determine and access safer alternatives to travel, where they are less likely to experience verbal harassment or physical harm. They have already redistributed over $150,000 to Black trans women in need, and are working to expand their programs to other states and countries soon.
  • Black Outside, Inc. has a mission to reconnect Black/African-American youth to the outdoors. With the knowledge that only 1% of Texas state park participants identify as Black/African-American, they craft programming that not only connects students with our powerful history in the outdoors but inspires a new generation of outdoor participants.
  • Autistic People of Color Fund has one mission: to support autistic people of color who face the severe financial impact of combined racism and ableism. They practice redistributive justice and mutual aid by returning and sharing money directly to and with autistic people of color. As of Spring 2021, they have given nearly $100,000 in the form of microgrants to Black, Brown, Native, Asian, and mixed-race people in the autistic community for survival, organizing, leisure, and pleasure.


These organizations are doing critical work so that Black lives mattering is the minimum. They’re doing the work so that Black lives are valued.

We are working toward freedom, justice, liberation, and affirming our humanity — and we do so by tackling the systemic racism that thrives in health and health care, housing, socio-economics, climate change, education, and so much more. And we know that one organization on its own cannot make the change we wish to see in the world.

That’s why we are urging folks to #BuildBack this holiday season and seed the services, programs, and institutions that feed our community. Rather than spending our dollars on meaningless items, let’s support Black-led, Black-serving organizations.

We’re only ever going to achieve total Black liberation and a world where Black people can thrive if we work together in all aspects of the fight against white supremacy. That’s why for this year’s Giving Tuesday, we chose organizations that play a crucial role in our movement.

These four organizations are dedicated to the fight for Black freedom and liberation and stand on the shoulders of our ancestors in the work they do every single day. So please, before Giving Tuesday is over, donate whatever you can to help them in their part of fighting for Black lives and #BuildBlack.