8 Years Strong

It’s been 8 years since the founding of Black Lives Matter.

8 Years Ago Today Graphic

Born out of the collective cry for Trayvon Martin, it started as a hashtag that reignited a movement. 8 years later, we’ve grown into a global community working towards Black liberation and freedom — and still, our movement of promise is not done with the work yet. We’re not even close.

As we commemorate our 8th year, we continue to honor our founding principles of grassroots organizing through BLM grassroots, which has chapters across the country and world. Our evolution of political courage became BLM PAC, a political power we now have in our toolbox to elect officials who create Black-affirming policies.

We also evolved into the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation — our philanthropic arm which is investing in the long-term work where Black folks across the diaspora are truly thriving and healing.

Through Black Lives Matter, we have this opportunity and blessing to do the work that leads to policy change and encourages us to reimagine and build towards a future that prioritizes the safety of Black people. We all have a role to play in creating an abolitionist world, and we look forward to building that future for years to come alongside you.

In honor of our 8th anniversary, we want to know…how have you felt the impact of BLM over the last 8 years?:

Leave us a message at: 779-BLM-LINE (779-256-5463)

Using the hashting #BLMAnniversary, you can also share your memories on Twitter.

Despite the oppressive systems we face and the repeated injustices we are dealt with through criminal legal systems, we still matter.

The possibilities are endless when we put our people-power together — and we can’t wait to keep it going.

P.S. To commemorate BLM’s 8th anniversary, we put together an anniversary video. Watch it now:

8 Years Strong Graphic