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Everyday resources to get us closer to our collective vision of self-determination, healing, and a world where all Black people are liberated.

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Through our grantmaking program, we support thinkers, leaders, creators, and organizations that are working for lasting change across any of  our six organizational pillars: Arts, Culture, Frontline Organizing, Healing Justice, Policy, and Research & Education.

We have different avenues for grant support, ranging from hyper-focused, targeted support, to more robust, multi-year partnerships.

Over the last decade, Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has formally granted over $30 million to more than 60 organizations and across two rounds of mutual-aid-style microgrants. All dollars have been granted under an invitation-based approach to grantmaking, and we will continue as such.

Some of our previous grantees include: Anti Police Terror Project, BYP100, Center for Third World Organizing, Equity and Transformation Chicago, Oakland and the World, St. Elmo’s Village, TakeAction Minnesota, The Love Not Blood Campaign, Trans Justice Housing Project

At this time, we have closed our fiscal year and have paused grantmaking.
Please leave your information by clicking the button below, and we will provide updates on the opening of our next grantmaking cycle.


Our glossary is a continued effort to reimagine and rebuild a world without police and policing. We continue to examine manifestations of policing and white supremacy in the language we use. 

We hope this ever-expanding glossary will help provide architecture for the horizon we are moving toward:


Ending the practice and institutions of punishment.


The capacity for all members in a community to feel welcome and able to participate fully in a given space or environment. Best practices include those which are mindful of how folks operate differently in the world and are committed to accommodation and inclusivity.

The capacity for all members in a community to feel welcome and able to participate fully in a given space or environment. Best practices aid in how folks operate in the world.

Art Activism

Creation, expression, innovation with the purpose of mobilizing change, uplifting culture, and reimagining a radical future.


BLM Foundation is concentrating on the nexus of art and activism in pursuit of Black liberation and the preservation and protection of Black creativity.

Black Culture

Any cultural contributions made by Black people.


BLM Foundation is uplifting Black culture that propels us to dream big and create the community we want and need to flourish, grow, and thrive.


An organization that funds, uplifts, and spotlights other organizations, groups, and projects.


The right of all people to have full bodily, spiritual, and emotional autonomy – unapologetically.

Frontline Organizing

Working at the local level to realize social change.

Healing Justice

BLM Foundation is building healing spaces and nurturing ecosystems that support Black communities impacted by oppressive structures and injustice.


Accounting for the overlapping and intertwined nexus of various aspects of a person’s identity and the social consequences they may experience as a result. These positive or negative consequences may include, but are not limited to a person’s social, economic, racial, ethnic, sexual, or gender identity.


A feeling of great pleasure, peace, calmness, happiness.


The act of freeing Black people, and all people, from structures of oppression.


BLM Foundation is intervening on existing and new policies that reimagine a world without punitive measures to create a world where Black people have all that we need: food, education, housing, health care, clean water, breathable air, and everything that is foundational to personal and community safety.


Praxis and theory that dismantles and disrupts oppressive systems and images change.

Research & Education

BLM Foundation is investing in modern-day research and education focusing on abolitionist frameworks and curriculum around Black history, identity, and Black futures.


A person’s or community’s ability to self-actualize, to determine without coercion their pursuits and desires.


Overall good health including but not limited to: mental, emotional, physical, holistic, and spiritual health, etc.

Research and Data Center

Access to data is vital, and everyday we amass more and more. The problem, however, arises when data is misconstrued — either because of implicit bias or overt bigotry. We see this consistently in response to data related to Black communities. Black Lives Matter seeks to take ownership of the research dissemination process as it relates to data which most impacts Black people. We not only have the cultural intimacy needed to situate such data, we also know the stakes.