We Need All Our Voices Speaking Out Against Amy Coney Barrett

It was just over a week ago that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away after a lifetime of serving her country, advocating for equal justice under law.

Earlier today, Donald Trump announced his Supreme Court nominee — a nominee that has no interest in equal justice under law.

The right to our bodies. The right to choose. LGBTQ rights. Access to affordable health care. Civil rights and equality — it’s all at stake.

One of the worst stances of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is that she’s anti-Brown v Board of Education — she openly and firmly believes that the Supreme Court case that desegregated our schools was wrongly decided.

We all know what’s coming — Donald Trump is going to try and rush the nomination process to further his dangerous agenda. The worst part about it? This is a lifetime appointment. A lifetime appointment of an openly misogynistic and racist judge.

We need all voices speaking out — will you pledge to use yours to oppose Amy Coney Barrett and her eleventh-hour appointment to the Supreme Court?


Republican hypocrisy is not something new — because In 2016, Republican leadership refused to grant President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, so much as a hearing because it was an election year.

We are literally about to hit the 5 week mark to election day — and now, they’re poised to rush an anti-health care, anti-choice, anti-equality nominee without a proper process.

Justice Ginsburg was a giant in the fight for equality and civil rights — she embodied much of what our movement stands for. We stand on the accomplishments of her life’s work that have continued to amplify the need to protect and expand equal rights for women and underserved communities.

There’s no doubt that the person to fill RBG’s position has big shoes to fill — and Judge Amy Coney Barret shouldn’t even be in consideration, as she has no plans but to roll back on RBG’s initiatives.

This is not the time for silence or defeat. This is time to stand up, take action, and fight back. Join the fight and take the pledge to stand against Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and appointment right now.

Rise up, and be strong, team. It’s a lot of pressure and a lot of work to fight against something like this, but if one thing’s for sure, we will not go down without a fight.