The Joy Experience Recap Video - Black Lives Matter
Signage for the Joy Experience at One Music Fest

The Joy Experience Recap Video

One Music Festival in Atlanta, GA has become a destination festival attracting over 50,000+ diverse music lovers from all over the nation. The 2022 festival focus was Joy. With an entire stage dedicated to Joy, the festival organizers were beyond excited to collaborate with BLM Foundation. We constructed a 30X30 physical art installation designed as an adult playground. Guests spent the day playing, swinging, and other child-like activities. Our installation was a collaboration with two prominent black artists,  Mr. Legacy from Legacy History and Pride and pierre bennu, a legendary multi-hyphenate based in Baltimore.


Creative Director: Noni Limar


Merchandise: Mr Legacy

Visual Installation: pierre bennu

Video director: Ezra Naylor Jr/ PPLS TV

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