Thanks to Rep. Bush

We owe it to Rep. Cori Bush.

On July 31st, the eviction moratorium expired at midnight. 11 million people were facing eviction and the real possibility of being removed from their homes. Like the entirety of the pandemic, the expiration of the moratorium would have disproportionately impacted Black folks.

Since last Friday, Rep. Cori Bush stood her ground outside of the Capitol, camping out for 5 days straight, demanding Congress delay their recess to extend the moratorium.

Only a handful of members joined her. The rest got on flights to their homes, vacations, and excursions — all while a number of their constituents were at risk of being pushed out of their homes.

Majority of the people out there? Everyday people — just like Rep. Bush. Some of the very people directly impacted by the moratorium expiration. And we owe it all to Rep. Bush, who led us in this fight. Thanks to her and the people’s power, the CDC has issued a similar moratorium through October.

We’ve still got work to do, but thanks to Rep. Bush’s leadership, we were able to prove what we’ve known all along: There’s no power like the power of the people. Show Rep. Bush some gratitude and sign the thank you card:


Rep. Cori Bush Outside of the Capitol