BLMGNF National Voter Registration Day + OMF Giveaway

National Voter Registration Day Graphic

September 20th is National Voter Registration Day, so we are re-launching our voter registration website! Will you encourage an unregistered voter in your life to register to vote today? Every year, we hear, “there’s so much at stake this election!” But the fact of the matter is this: Getting Trump out of office was not the end-all-be-all. That was just the beginning…because the stakes have only gotten higher since then…

Black Lives Matter Releases Statement on Biden’s 2022 Budget

Black Lives Matter Logo

Black Lives Matter today released a statement blasting President Joe Biden’s budget, which increased funding for policing to $30 billion. The budget follows increases in police funding across the country while police killings are on the rise in the United States. Black Lives Matter released the following statement in response…

Congratulations Judge Jackson!

Congratulations Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Graphic

Two years ago, President Biden made a campaign promise to nominate the first Black woman to the Supreme Court. On Friday, he fulfilled the promise by naming Ketanji Brown Jackson as his nominee…

Super Sunday Souls to the Polls

Black Lives Matter isn’t a moment, it’s a movement and WE are moving to the ballot box. THIS SUNDAY, October 24, 2021, it’s time to take our SOULS TO THE POLLS! Join the Hampton Branch NAACP, First Baptist…

D.C. Statehood Is a Racial Justice Issue

Support D.C. Statehood Graphic

D.C. statehood is a racial justice issue. Most folks don’t realize that the argument against statehood is rooted in anti-Black racism ‐ but it is. And it dates all the way back to the reconstruction era (right after the Civil War), when Black residents in D.C. were granted significant political influence…

Watch and Share the Black Women Are Divine Video

Screen Grab from Black Women Are Divine Video

Two weeks ago, people around the globe came together to participate in #BlackWomenAreDivine weekend, a reclamation in the name of Breonna Taylor. Thousands of Black women and people who love Black women made their love real…from healing justice weekends, to virtual brunches, to physically-distanced celebrations, to meaningful gift-giving, to our social media takeover, #BlackWomenAreDivine weekend was one of the most uplifting and affirming events in recent memory. We’ve made a video to celebrate the weekend and hope you’ll take a look and share it.