What Defunding the Police Really Means

Can we tell you something? Why is it time to defund the police?

We know that police don’t keep us safe — and as long as we continue to pump money into our corrupt criminal justice system at the expense of housing, health, and education investments — we will never be truly safe.


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Enough is enough. Our pain, our cries, and our need to be seen and heard resonate throughout this entire country. We demand acknowledgment and accountability for the devaluation and dehumanization of Black life at the hands of the police. We call for radical, sustainable solutions that affirm the prosperity of Black lives.

Black Lives Matter Releases Statement on Biden’s 2022 Budget

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Black Lives Matter today released a statement blasting President Joe Biden’s budget, which increased funding for policing to $30 billion. The budget follows increases in police funding across the country while police killings are on the rise in the United States. Black Lives Matter released the following statement in response…

Let’s Talk About President Biden’s State of the Union

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There’s a looong list of things that President Biden neglected to mention in his State of the Union last week. We’re about to really talk about the President and his State of the Union. Let’s start with the things he didn’t mention…