Lynnée Denise

Lynnée creates multi dimensional and multi sensory experiences
that require audiences to apply critical thinking to how the arts can hold viable solutions to social
inequality. Lynnée coined the term “DJ Scholarship” to explain DJ culture as a mix-mode research practice, both
performative and subversive in its ability to shape and define social experiences, shifting the
public perception of the role of a DJ from being a purveyor of party music to an archivist, cultural
worker and information specialist who assesses, collects, organizes, preserves, and provides
access to music determined to have long-term value. This shift in perspective manifests most
clearly in the presentation of my work at universities, cultural conferences and performance
venues where I create spaces for public dialogue to occur using music as an entry point to
bridge the gap between socially acceptable forms of knowledge and nontraditional ones. DJ Lynnée Denise is a lecturer at California State University’s
Pan African Studies Department and the Chicano Studies Department.