Black Futures Month 2018

It has been said, that everything we are living is a result of the imaginations of those who came before us. Our daily lives—our homes, cars, mosques, djs, ambulances, theaters, clubs, jails, etc. were all once living in the world of the imagination.

Since 2015, Black Lives Matter has invited Black writers and visual artists to explore the radical Black imagination through Black Futures Month.  For Black Futures Month 2018, we have chosen to focus on the future of Black Feminism.

We are inviting artists to explore what the future looks like for issues that impact Black women and femmes. What does our collective Black future look like in technology, reproductive health, trans justice, education, prison abolition, food, family and more through a Black Feminist lens? We are eager to find out.

We are also dedicating this year’s Black Futures Month to Erica Garner and the future of Black life. Blavity will be hosting all BFM 2018 content.

This year we are delighted to have 14 amazing artists who are taking us on this Feminist journey!

Catch all the content for Black Futures Month here:

Week 1

Our first pair for this Black Futures Month is Junauda Petrus and Joy Spika. Their work can be found on our website here.

Week 2

Week 2 brought us an amazing tribute to Erica Garner by Aja Monet and Yemonja Smalls. It also presented a thought inspiring piece by Rafia Sanata and Suzi Analogue. See more here.

Week 3

The third week of Black Futures Month, presented us with some powerful imagery of the future, both locally and internationally. We had the amazing works of Napo Masheane in collaboration with Zanele Muholi and Amir Sulaiman in partnership with Mawena Yehouessi. Find their brilliant work here.

Week 4

The  fourth week of Black Futures Month was centered around uplifting art the within the BLM network. We presented the works of two of our very own: Funmilola Fagbamila of BLM Los Angeles and Syrus Ware of BLM Toronto. It was a beautiful moment to see activists bring to life art centered in the work towards liberation. Find their collaboration here.

Week 5

The last week of Black Futures Month 2018 was a beautifully shot video by our Art + Culture lead Noni Limar and Dana Washington. They presented a vision of healing in a Black Feminist Future, join them in that envisioning here